I always have been a fan of Twin Peaks. When the first season started on TV (in Brazil, 1992), I was just a kid and I couldn’t watch it, but the teasers for the show played a lot with my curiosity. Years later, I could get a VHS from a friend with some few episodes. I watched them, out of the order and I really couldn’t understand at all, anyways, the surrealism and the mystery storyline makes me fall in love with the series. Finally, in 2012, I managed to watch the full seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix and, while I loved my experience, I had a melancholic feeling because the show ended after the second season with no plans for a return.
When I started to hear the first rumors of the return of Twin Peaks, for a 3rd season, I first didn’t believe it. I was used to hear rumors about a return of Twin Peaks in all the years after the end of the season 2. But the return was confirmed and it was finally happen! When the return finally aired on TV, after the episode 1, I felt I could celebrate it in some way. I was very involved in creating posters to celebrate some special events, I did a very successful campaign with ESPN for the Brazil World Cup(2014) and I thought I could make something similar, but applying my emotional memories over it. Talking with friends, I came to the decision of doing one single poster for “The Return” but the fans reactions were so positive and motivational that I decided to accept the challenge and create one poster for each episode. After 25 years of waiting, it looked like a legit way to celebrate and live our favorite series.
So, here are all the posters. One for each of the 18 episodes.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 - Case Files

Part 6 - Don't Die.

Part 7 - There's a body all right.

Part 8 - Gotta light?

Part 9 - This is the chair.

Part 10 - Laura is the one.

Part 11 - There's fire where you are going.

Part 12 - Let's rock!

Part 13 - What story is that, Charlie?

Part 14 - We are like the dreamer.

Part 15 - There's some fear in letting go.

Part 16 - No knock, no doorbell.

Part 17 -  The past dictates the future.

Part 18 - What is your name?

As per other fans request, I did a bonus poster, featuring the character Audrey, played by Sherilyn Fenn.
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