Los Bandoleros: Before the Escobar era, "Los Bandoleros" dominated the scene in Colombia. With extreme violence, they sometimes were fighting against the rich and sometimes for the rich people (specially politicians). 
Early years: Pablo Escobar started his "career" on crime by performing little heists, ticket booths and car stealings, cigarette smuggling and even stealing some tombstones. Before completing 30 years old, Escobar already had a good amount of money and some goods, as an authentic lambretta.
Plata o Plomo? His famous quote explain very well his way to do his "work". Or people accepts his money or they will deal with bullets. Using extreme violence, strategy and obstinacy, Pablo Escobar turned the greatest drug dealer of the world in the late 80's / early 90's.
The top of the World: The "Cartel de Medellín" years. Pablo Escobar was so rich that bought a farm (Hacienda Napoles) with 1700 employees, 200 different species of animals (some of them rare), artificial lakes, pools, particular airport, among other luxury items.
Congressman: Escobar started on politics, getting a chair in the Colombian Congress after the resign of an elect candidate (Escobar was his surrogate). But his "methods" in doing politics were not appreciated.
Hunted man: Once Escobar was sent to jail, but he built his own "jail", a very luxury country club where he lived as a authentic king. After the murdering of Galeano and Moncada (in the jail), Escobar would be transferred, but he ran away from the jail. He spent his last 500 days being chased.
Legacy: After being killed by an action of the Colombian army and DEA agents, Pablo Escobar entered to History as the greatest drug dealer ever, becoming a kind of Myth. Celebrated as hero for some and painted as a violent terrorist for others.
Credits: Revista Superinteressante. Editora Globo. Brazil. Art Direction: Fabrício Miranda and Maíra Miranda. Illustration: Cristiano Siqueira. August 2016
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